10,000 School Supply Kits Made for Homeless Students

10,000 School Supply Kits Made for Homeless Students

SAN DIEGO (August 6, 2022) — Over 400 volunteers filled 10,000 school supply kits for students experiencing homelessness in the region. The non-profit, SupplyBank.org, partners up with homelessness liaisons in several school districts in California to make sure students have the supplies they need to be successful.

“Kids, when they identify as experiencing homelessness in a moment in time, they get a form and they fill out their needs – and one of those boxes is school supplies and often those homeless liaisons who work so well in our school district don’t have the resources to provide them this changes that,” said Benito Delgado-Olson, executive director with SupplyBank.org.

The kits included supplies needed by students of all ages, ranging from elementary school to high school. “Being in a community where we are able to afford supplies – but be able to see what are hard work can give back to the community, it’s important and spread our gratefulness and our gratitude for all that we have and start early and keep it going,” said Andrea O’Hara, executive director with the Office of Child and Youth Success with the City of San Diego.

The volunteer day was the first one the organization has had in person since COVID-19, and Delgado-Olson says he hopes they can continue this every year here in San Diego.

“For the liaisons getting these school supplies, and being able to hand them out right away as soon as a student is identified that they are in need – it amazing and life-changing for these kids to have that support,” said Melissa Schoonmaker, vice chair, SupplyBank.org, Board of Directors.