Supplies for Nonprofits is a dynamic program by that repurposes resources destined for waste to meet the needs of under-resourced communities. Collaborating with companies that have surplus goods suitable for households and families, serves as a bridge. Through our vast network of nonprofit and public agencies across California, we ensure these valuable items, including furniture, cooking supplies, cleaning materials, and even bicycles, reach families and children who can benefit from them.

In 2019, partnered with five agencies in the Central Valley, providing crucial support to farm workers and distributing 15 truckloads of material goods to the community.

Supplies for Nonprofits prioritizes addressing immediate needs while continuously evolving to maximize its impact. As expands its warehouse space (visit to learn more), we will be able to accept more items and make them readily available for distribution. This additional warehouse space will allow us to stock essential items that families may require in the event of disasters such as fires or earthquakes, ensuring preparedness and resilience.