Closing the digital divide

Green Access Pledge

Recognizing that access to computers has become critical to academic success, the Green Access Pledge or “GAP” program provides free, quality refurbished laptops to low-income families with a special emphasis on community college students.

Imagine being a college student and having to do your homework on your smart phone, followed by a trip to the computer lab to download what you wrote, format it and finally submit your work. This is the reality for thousands of students at community colleges throughout the region and state.

The GAP program partners with private sector employers to collect their old devices ("e-waste") and Merit Partners, a nonprofit that trains and employs young adult offenders to refurbish them into Microsoft Certified machines. SupplyBank.Org then provides the refurbished computers free of cost to students in need.

If you are an employer and would like to donate retired computers for refurbishment and redistribution to students in need, please fill out the form here.