Since the onset of the Pandemic, SupplyBank.Org’ team has worked tirelessly with several state agencies and all 58 counties to establish and administer emergency supplies programs totaling several million items of PPE and other critical materials for families each quarter. While our county distribution points are administered by our local partners, all coordinate with each respective County Children and Families Commission (First 5), childcare providers open for essential personnel, several hundred school districts, homeless shelters and other programs through public health/social services departments. Since March, thousands of organizations throughout the state have benefited thanks to your generous support.

Items we provide include cleaning and disinfectant supplies, infrared thermometers, diapers and wipes, feminine hygiene, several types of adult and child masks, school supplies, hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper and other essentials. You can view some press coverage here and we plan to post a report on this website in the new year.

Emergency Supplies Program: 3/31/21 Report